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Yacumama Lodge from the river


"Yacumama is a marvel of environmentally sound engineering. If their aim was to build a prototype for all future jungle lodges, they have certainly succeeded." Joan Gonzales, Veteran rain forest reporter, Travel World News

Main Lodge imageYacumama Lodge is unique in both design and operation, with a special emphasis placed upon service, comfort, privacy, and low environmental impact. The resulting atmosphere in the lodge is one of casual authenticity, as warm and intimate as your own living room, yet large enough to offer ample space for multiple activities, along with a bar and separate hammock room overlooking the river. The decor throughout the cabins and common areas utilizes authentic tribal art, indigenous artifacts, and natural history displays. Yacumama was designed with the guest experience in mind with a focus upon the romantic, which translates into each individual or couple having a separate and secluded personal cabin with ample space to relax, complete with sitting areas and a comfortable bed with fresh sheets, pillows, and towels.  Luxury suites are available which are spacious and offer a well lit and spotless private bath with flush toilet, sink, and shower, sitting area with table, chairs and recliner, extra large bed with plush mattress, floor rugs, electric light and fan, maid service, and room service. 

A small frog restsOur kitchen and food service compliments the overall quality of our facilities by offering a wide range of international favorites as well as exciting local cuisine, including many vegetarian dishes and meals to fit special dietary needs, all assisted by our helpful waiters.  Along with our kitchen and bar we offer complementary 24 hour hot tea and coffee service, battery charging, equipment cleaning, laundry service, and specialized guide services.

While the lodge compound covers an area larger than two football fields it is easily accessible as all common areas, cabins, and docks are connected with wide covered walkways, raised high above the forest floor, allowing you to move around day or night, rain or shine, in shorts and sandals, making protective attire necessary solely for jungle excursions.

Yacumama Lodge is part of a private project to develop a self-sustaining ecological preserve, functioning in harmony with indigenous peoples. At Yacumama, we utilize a profit sharing program that fuels many local community projects in nutrition, agriculture, medicine and education. Furthermore, to minimize our impact on this pristine area we employ recycling, composting, organic gardening, flush toilets with a waste system, biodegradable detergents and solar power.

The mission of Yacumama, since its inception in 1992, has been to demonstrate that the sustainable preservation and conservation of native cultural and ecological biodiversity could be accomplished from the private sector, using Pink dolphins at playthe tools of the free market to become a viable competitor for natural resource allocation.

The Yacumama project owes its considerable success and growth over the past eight years to a pragmatic approach to strategy implementation. However, as eco-tourism is the key to our revenue generation, the ability to protect and maintain our marketing attraction—the pristine rainforest environment—has always been our greatest challenge.

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