"As I climbed the 10 stories to this crazy Swiss Family Robinson perch, the dawn rose over the mist-covered trees. The jungle stretched for miles; the treetops looked like crowns of broccoli. Tamarind monkeys popped up with worried expressions, and birds; those extraordinary birds—brilliant daffodil yellow, tangerine, ice blue viridian, iridescent pink—screamed and sang, petulant, happy, as they greeted the morning, never knowing how lucky they are to be in one of the last unspoiled jungles." Tama Janowitz, Travel & Leisure, June 1999

Canopy_tower_amazonSet deep in the upper Amazon jungle, Yacumama Lodge offers you one of the world's highest and most secluded canopy access systems.

From our fixed tower, people of all ages can enjoy the view into different levels of the pristine rain forest canopy, full of vibrant color and active, exotic life. Your climb culminates with the opportunity to join the birds for a breathtaking view of the tops of rainforest trees.

The truly adventurous can try a glide through the tree tops on our canopy skyway system; you've seen such magical travel before in Sean Connery's movie Medicine Man.

Ideal for research, education and adventure, our canopy system was created with the enthusiastic on-site support of Extreme Productions, Mike Weis and Paul Sibley, who created and built the original system for the movie Medicine Man.



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