"Miles from any post vaguely resembling civilization, Yacumama Lodge is a self-contained eco-friendly resort on the banks of the Yarapa River...." Sky Magazine, Delta Airlines

"It's a novelists dream—I felt I was catching a glimpse of the world which I'd assumed had completely vanished."
Tama Janowitz, Travel and Leisure

"From the beginning, the lodges' day to day operations have been performed with maximum attention given to their environmental and cultural impact."
Robb Report

The dining room at Yacumama Lodge"The Beautiful Yacumama Lodge emerged around the bend, looking like a ship made of thatch. The Lodge balances a wilderness experience with a good deal of personal comfort. It maintains a virtually nonpolluting operation using recycling, composting, and solar power. The buildings are made with native materials and constructed by local people; and environmentally safe toilets. The guest bungalows surround the main lodge—my personal favorite, the hammock room overlooking the river. The lush grounds, bright with orange, pink, and yellow blooms, are manicured by machete." New York Times - d. Rigney Cunningham

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