A cat perching in the rainforestWondering what kind of experience awaits you? We invite you to read our actual lodge guestbook for a peek into how our guests record their memories.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an incredible adventure our crew had at the Yacumama Lodge.

The lodge is the nicest one in the area. Our accommodations were wonderful. The lodge itself was inviting and clean. The food was wonderful. We actually looked forward to every meal! From the fresh hearts of palm salad to the local native fish, we really enjoyed meal time.

Our rooms were also very comfortable. The shower and the bathroom areas were kept immaculately clean.

Most impressive were our hosts. Larry and Norman made us feel like we were right at home. Every item we needed for our shoot was taken care of, from visiting local villages to arranging for boat transportation.

Also, our guides, Esteban and Ricardo were truly delightful. They always made us feel safe in the jungle and added local commentary and assistance when needed.

This shoot and experience were more than I could have ever hoped for. Should anyone ever need to speak with me directly, please do not hesitate to call.

Most sincerely,

Dear Lawrence and Norman,

This week was one of my life's truly transcendental experiences. From the incredible warmth of the staff to the food that made me remember what real food tastes like, my life is deeply enriched. You guys have immense courage and heart to purse your dreams in such an advanced state. You not only take care of your guests with a huge amount of care and concern but you also take care of the people of the area in the most beneficial way imaginable. Steven is a true shaman. As a guide there is no better. My hat goes off to all who made Yacumama possible. Please keep me on you mailing list.


PS -- Let me know when there is a celebration: I will come again to visit. God bless you.

Yacumama Lodge and the Amazon has been the number one adventure of my life. Your guides, your cooks, your staff's hospitality and service was the best there could be.

Norman, your life is your art. What a privilege for me to meet you and experience this wonderful place.

Thank you,

Norman, Colin, Dexter, Marco, Esteban: Thanks for all your hospitality in this very mystical and serene place. Four days in this stimulating calmness were just what we needed.

And it was a true treat to be in a genuinely eco-friendly environment. The operations are a true model for others but not too many others!

Our trip started with an astounding eclipse, peaked in Machu Picchu and kept on being great here in the jungle. Will always remember and hope to be back!

Jeanne and Tom

PS -- I'm usually not this fat! But your food was too good!

I came to the Amazon for an adventure to expand my envelope of routine Boston life. When I discovered I was to be the only guest at Yacumama this week, I was a little shaky in the knees. But instead I found a wonderful balance of challenge and comfort with care and concern for my safety but a push toward experiences I will never forget. I think Colin, Dexter, Catalan, Alfredo, Mark, Nixon but especially Esteban for making me feel more like a friend of the family than a hotel guest.

If you are in Boston, mi casa es su casa.

With affection,

Welleste, MA

As a photographer, Yacumama is a dream come true. As a person within this wonderful group of people, this place and all of you, it has been a little bit of paradise.

Thank you.

Edina, MN

When we first spotted the Yacumama it was like a little bit of heaven in the jungle. We were excited to see its majesty in the wild.

The accommodations and the staff are wonderful and the guided tours and meals are superb.

The highlight of our trip was being the first tourists to see the Vista Allegre Village. The people were warm and friendly. We saw two sloths, three kinds of monkeys, many dolphins, a caiman alligator, birds and fist. And a pet coto mundi.

It was fun to experience the jungle life and have a nice place to sleep at the same time. Since this is our first time in Peru, it is a nice welcome to a new country. We all saw the animals we wanted to see because everyone took time to look. I like this trip a lot because I know what's happening and it seems special.

Brittiney, age 9

I never expected to spend time in the Amazon Jungle. I found it to be an amazing place. This was my first time out of the USA and it has been a tremendous experience both physically and emotionally. The staff was excellent and deserve many accolades. What Norman and Lawrence are going here is fantastic. I hope this lodge prospers and the concept grows through the rainforest. Norman is an amazing man with a fabulous vision.

May God watch over this project and help it prosper and spread.

Many regards,

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