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Undoubtedly, this has been one of the most exciting adventures of our lives! Walking through the Amazon jungle has provided us with an unforgettable experience about the richness of its natural resources and the beauty and value of its fauna and flora. Visiting the small villages of Vista Alegre, Puerto Miguel, Feldar and Jerusalem has been most enlightening. The people are warm and friendly and their needs great and quite obvious. We will make our family and friends back home aware of the situation for the purpose of contributing in a significant way to help improve the life of the underprivileged.

As for the Yacumama Lodge, it is simply beautiful, most hospitable, the staff is attentive, the facilities are comfortable and well maintained, and the meals are very delicious and healthy.... Congratulations to all of your success and good luck!


With a bit of anticipation we came to the Amazon looking for excitement and adventure on the river and in the jungle. We found all this and more at the Yacumama Lodge. Norman and his staff have created an oasis in the jungle. We were able to experience more than we imagined. Our guide, Octavio, was a wonderful and entertaining person to be with.

We wish everyone at Yacumama success and happiness in all their endeavors.

With fond regards,

Doug and David
Short Hills, NJ

Dear Lawrence and Norman,

I am in awe of your vision, dedication and hard work! It is an honor to be able to spend this time at the Yacumama Lodge with the incredible team that you have drawn together. I especially appreciate all that you are doing to be living in harmony with the river, the forest and the beautiful people. Thank you for enriching my life!


Dear Lawrence and Norman,

The sounds, the sights, the experience. THE BEST! You have created a dream-vision-reality. I confronted my fears and conquered some of them. My memories will last my entire lifetime. Thank you for your level of being. You will give many people experiences that will change their lives. I am honored to be here and inspired with your integration of the Peruvian people. What you have done is off the scale.

My best to all.

A Zen Master once told me that "when you're busy you're free." I believe you are not only busy but also blessed to have such a vision as Yacumama. Thank you.

Portland, OR

G'day, G'day Yacumama

You've all been so very kind and made us feel very welcome. Norman has truly lived up to the reputation as a master of the lodge and ye olde story teller. We will long remember our fun times together.

Adventure abounds on excursions with Steve and Eduardo. Both looked after us extremely well. Thanks again.

Cameron & Emily

PS—If you get down to Oz look us up!

Yacumama Lodge is destined to become another one of the world's most exclusive places. We had the advantage of a life time with Esteban, Juango and Catalan. No one is going to believe our tales—guests who read this journal are the only ones who will really understand. Laura is so charming and refined, Miguel is world character. Life, death, growth. It's all happening here. Good and evil, wild and tame. Norman— you are a generous genius. Thank you. I hope everyone adjusts to sharing this place with your many future guests. Best of luck—and thank you all. Ying and yang— its here!


PS—The Best bathrooms in the Amazon!!!

My only regret is to have to leave.

New Hope, MN

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