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What a great structure and operation. Yacumama is in a truly unique and wonderful setting. I am glad that for at least five days of my life I got to experience this adventure. Adding richness to this experience, actually a vital part, are all of the wonderful people that work here. It's amazing how one can be in a jungle, in primitive conditions and still feel pampered. It's great!


What an exciting adventure for us in the Amazon Jungle! Thank you so very much for exposing us to the wonders of the wild while taking every opportunity to make as little impact as possible on this ecosystem. We were so impressed with the attention to detail of Yacumama Lodge and the comforts of your facility. We also appreciated the staff's friendliness and willingness to share their community with us. We especially loved the flexibility to accommodate our individual desireswe loved our night adventures with Octavio on the water and in the jungle. This final week of our honeymoon will be forever memorable as one of adventure and fun (and lots of scratching!)

Thanks, peace, and good luck.


Enjoyable week—

Wonderful food, interesting architecture, helpful considerate staff, and a fine example of conscious engineering for all to see. Business to better the community and staff is how I've always thought is the obvious way for things to be.

God bless and protect this wonderful venture.

Norman, Colin, Dexter,

I think you know how much I enjoyed Yacumama Lodge! Everything you have accomplished—truly admirable! I hope your plans manifest and humanity appreciates what you are going in this wonderful rainforest. My love to everyone!


Near Norman and staff,

Many thanks for a wonderful week and an experience for life for all our family. The excursions with Steve were exhausting but so interesting that you forgot all heat and sweat. Fishing piranha gave a complete new dimension to the art of fishing and we were all very excited when we got the little wild beasts on our hooks. They tasted wonderful after Steve prepared them over an open fire!

Your kitchen is the best I've bet outside France and every meal is a joy.

We all wish you all the luck with this place, and we will recommend it to all of our friends.

To my friends at Yacumama,

Thank you for the adventure. I have always dreamed of visiting the Amazon. Your integrity and commitment to that Amazon as a living integral part of the all has made this dream come true, in a most comfortable and accessible way. I shall return to Yacumama's embrace, to primordial roots, home. Thank you on behalf of me and all who depend upon this green orb for your imagination and care of the jungle.

With love,

(I enjoyed everything, from the food to the dolphins, fishing, the cleansing, hiking, our room. In other words, I loved being here. Love, Corki's mom, Ida)

Wow! The ultimate vacation. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I look forward to returning.


Yacumama and the Rainforest Health Project joined together to begin an adventure that we hope will continue and grow. Both Organizations share concern for the forest, its people and a respect for their culture and wisdom. Thank you for giving RHP the opportunity to experience our dream and it is our hope that the vision you have for Yacumama and the vision we have for RHP will lend itself to more collaborative adventures in the future.

Yabbbadabba Do—Yacumama!
The Rainforest Health Project

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