A boat at Yacumama, perfect for a lazy day on Rio YarapaNestled in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, Yacumama Lodge is home to your ultimate rainforest adventure.

With the perfect complement of personal comfort and wilderness experience, Yacumama Lodge piques your senses and expands the edges of your world. Located on the Yarapa River—a tributary of the upper Amazon—Yacumama exposes you to an area of Peru known for its biodiversity. Meet the exotic as you travel rivers with pink dolphins, and hike winding trails to the calling of brilliant birds.


"If jungle lodges had star ratings, Yacumama would have five stars shining over its thatched roof entrance, shining as brilliantly as those seen overhead at night." Joan Gonzales, Travel World News

Peruvians use rivers for much of their travelYet Yacumama does not offer this at the expense of the natural environment, for the Lodge is dedicated to the preservation of the rainforest. Designed to have the least possible impact on the surrounding ecosystem, Yacumama maintains a virtually nonpolluting operation that utilizes solar power, recycling, composting, organic farming and flush toilets with waste management system.

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Our completely native infrastructure and atmosphere conceal the functional operations of the Lodge from our guests. Constructed from local materials, the Lodge is generously spaced to provide yA boat docked near the main lodge.ou with personal privacy and solitude, with all rooms connected to the main lodge by raised thatch-covered walkways that ensure your comfort and safety.

Yacumama Lodge offers its guests a wide range of daily activities. Enjoy the many hospitalities of the main lodge, complemented by the Peruvian and international cuisine, or experience firsthand the thrill of the surrounding rainforest. Try guided hikes in the jungle, or an exploratory boat trip through the vast Peruvian system of rivers and lakes. And for the truly adventurous: Attempt a trip upriver by dugout canoe!

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