A number of simple guidelines keep our lodge running smoothly:
  1. Please reconcile all bills before return to Iquitos.
  2. Please leave room keys at reception whenever you leave the lodge
  3. Please do not remove towels or sheets for excursions.
  4. Overnight camping and adventure excursions are subject to extra charges.
  5. Night excursions must be guide-led.
  6. Beer and soda bottles must not leave the lodge. Also, please do not bring bottles to the lodge.
  7. Meal times are as follows: Breakfast 7:30 AM, Lunch 12:00 Noon, Dinner 6:30 PM
  8. There are receptacles throughout the lodge for your refuse; please use them.
  9. Please respect the jungle animals and insects: Photograph them in their local environment.
  10. We offer ecological bathrooms, please follow the guidelines for their use.

We accept Cash or Visa credit cards (with a $25.00 minimum purchase) We do not accept travelers checks. All US currency must be free of tears, stains, pen marks, or fading.


Meals and excursions at Yacumama Lodge are included in your tour. It is customary to tip the serving staff, but tips are not included in your package. The recommended amounts are: 4 day / 3 night, $35.00 per person; week tour, $50.00 per person. Please place your tip in the Tip Box. Our guides are tipped separately—the recommended amount is $5.00 per day, per person (please pay your respective guide personally).

Craft Day and Trading

To participate in Craft Day and Trading, we recommend you bring items like tee-shirts, hats, children's clothing, house dresses, fishing hooks and line. A good mix of Buy/Trade should be expected. Bring clean $1 and $5 dollar bills—or Peruvian Soles—for your purchases.

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