Where is Yacumama Lodge?

Located on Rio Yarapa, the first feeding tributary into the Amazon, Yacumama Lodge is nestled in the jungles of the Amazon River Basin. The nearest city in northern Peru is Iquitos, a 110-mile boat trip away.

How do I get to Yacumama?

You'll need to fly into the international airport in Lima, Peru before catching a A tree frog hangs out in the rainforestconnecting flight to the northern city of Iquitos. Most guests spend an evening exploring Iquitos before enjoying the 110-mile cruise up Rio Yarapa to Yacumama Lodge.

How do I buy tickets for my Yacumama experience?

Email us to book your stay, request information or to simply find out more about our various vacation packages. You're welcome to visit year-round.

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Are there group tour packages available at Yacumama Lodge?

Yacumama offers every kind of tour package imaginable. Whether you're interested in using our exotic location and facilities for your seminar, conference, workshop, retreat, or wedding, or you're someone who enjoys traveling alone and joining already-scheduled workshops and trips, we can design your ultimate rainforest adventure.

What can you tell me about Peru?

Check out our page of information on Peru

OMacaws are parrots who lifve in Central and South American rainforestsnce I've arrived in Iquitos, how do I get around town?

When you arrive in Iquitos, Peru a representative from Yacumama Lodge will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. Until you depart for the boats to the lodge, your time is your own, so feel free to explore the city. The most common methods of transport are walking and use of the Motokarr (a three-wheeled motorcycle), which is quite safe and a great deal of fun. In town you will pay 1 sol and 50 centimos. Out of town will be 1 to 2 soles more. Be sure to ask the price before getting in.

Where can we eat in Iquitos?

We have a few suggestions:

  • Ari's Burger (Plaza de Armas -- see map below): Good, clean fast food. A good variety.
  • El Pollon (Plaza de Armas): Roasted chicken with fries.
  • Fitzcarraldo (Boulevard): California chicken salad and good pizza.
  • La Maloka (Sargento Lores St.): American owned, good ambiance, cappuccino, good wine list, cloth napkins and good food.
  • El Meson (Boulevard): Good regional food
Where can we change or withdraw money, cash, and traveler's cheques?

Banco de Credito is the only bank in Iquitos where you can withdraw money from your ATM or Credit Card from a machine. On the Prospero Street side of the bank is the card room. You must slide your card through the outside lock to open the door. Inside the bank you may cash traveler's cheques.

You can change your dollars to soles in the bank or on the corner of Sargento Lores and Prospero Streets (not other corners). It is legal on the street, and you will see people with green aprons, calculators and cash in their hands. Tell them how much you want to change, and check their calculations. If any of the bills look really white or very different from the others, ask him/her to change them for others. You will want some soles for the jungle. Ari's burger will also change money, but usually will not give small change.

Is Iquitos Safe?

Yes, Iquitos is safe. But to aid your comfort, when you arrive at the Iquitos Airport, you will be promptly greeted by a Yacumama Lodge representative. In the airport, locals will ask to retrieve and carry your luggage. Often expensive and persistent, these individuals are not employed by Yacumama Lodge. If you do chose to use their services, we suggest you wait to pay them until you have reached a Yacumama Lodge representative who will help ensure that you get a bargain price. $2.00 is sufficient for one big bag.

As in many international locations, we suggest you do not wear dangling gold jewelry or flash money around. The Belen Market has its share of pick pockets and petty thieves, but the city is quite safe during the day.

Iquitos Center and the Boulevard are also safe at night, so feel comfortable walking to and from your hotel. Just to be safe, we suggest keeping valuables in a document pouch inside your clothes.


A map of Iquitos, Peru

click for larger map of Iquitos

Do you have lodge guidelines for guests to follow?

Yes, our set of lodge guidelines helps us run Yacumama more efficiently and enables us to better serve our guests and the environment.

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